In a shocking video that was posted to Twitter by a passenger, the engine of a United Airlines flight was seen rocking up and down violently, midair through the flight.

“This morning at #DIA flight UA293. Engine malfunctioned mid-flight,” the passenger Abbi Reznicek posted on twitter. The video was taken early morning as Reznicek noticed the engine on the left-wing of United Airlines’ Flight 293, which was bound for Orlando from Denver, was almost peeling off midair.

The flight was forced to return back to Denver, after the frightening incident.

"United flight 293 from Denver to Orlando returned to the airport due to a mechanical issue with one of the engines," the Airlines said in a statement.

The flight landed safely and passengers were disembarked from the plane.

“We know returning to the airport wasn’t part of your plans today, so we greatly appreciate you hanging in there!” the airlines said in a message sent to the passengers.

They departed to Orlando on a different flight that was arranged by the airlines.

“Our maintenance team needs more time than we thought to finish their work. To get you on your way, we assigned your flight a new plane arriving shortly from Los Angeles. Once we’ve finished getting the cabin ready, we’ll begin boarding at Gate B47. Delays are very frustrating and we greatly appreciate your patience!”

None of the passengers were reportedly hurt.