• Mike Majlak opened up about feeling "unmotivated" since the holiday break 
  • He also told a follower on Twitter that his issues had nothing to do with his relationship with girlfriend Lana Rhoades
  • The couple briefly broke up in October 2020 but got back together a week later

YouTuber Mike Majlak joked that his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades, was being a “pain” after he revealed that he has been feeling down since the holidays.

On Tuesday, the “Impaulsive” co-host told his fans that he has felt “unmotivated and borderline depressed” since the holiday break.

“Caught in a cycle of planning but not executing. the only solution is to get the camera and start shooting, which i will do right now. c’ya soon,” Majlak tweeted, which received mixed reactions from his supporters.

Some of his followers, however, speculated that the ex-porn star may have something to do with his issues. One fan commented that Rhoades may have left the “Fifth Vital” author, to which Majlak replied, “no, but she’s being a royal pain in the a--, as usual lol.”

Another commenter noted that Majlak shouldn’t talk about his relationship with Rhoades on social media because it “is only gonna hurt you more later” and advised him to “keep the issues between y’all.”

Majlak clarified that he is done discussing their private matters online, writing in response, “I don’t say s--t except for the one breakup video. that was my one time,”.

When Majlak and Rhoades briefly called it quits in October, he explained what happened in a seven-minute video titled “We Broke Up,” which garnered millions of views. In the clip, the YouTube star admitted he and the former adult entertainer wanted different things when it comes to their future as a couple.

Only a week later, they reconciled and Majlak publicly apologized to Rhoades, saying he “acted prematurely,” during an outing. He also said that uploading a breakup video was “stupid.”

“I’m sorry to the world, I’m sorry to everyone and most of all, I’m sorry to you, baby [Rhoades],” Majlak said at the time.

Apparently, Rhoades didn’t want the video to be shared online and had asked her boyfriend not to post it. To his defense, Majlak said that his subscribers would have wondered about their situation if he had other people on the show.

“Well, you should have waited more than two days,” she replied.

For her part, Rhoades, whose real name is Amara Maple, admitted that she went on dates when they broke up. But she debunked rumors that she and Tyga partied together just shortly after Majlak announced their split.

Lana Rhoades
Actress Lana Rhoades arrives for the 33rd Annual XRCO Awards Show held at OHM Nightclub on April 27, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images