Miley Cyrus, 26, and Liam Hemsworth, 29, are, obviously, trying to move on from each other following the actor’s divorce filing earlier this month. Before the final split, “The Last Song” stars had more than a decade of a whirlwind romance. Though they are already dating Cody Simpson, 22, and Maddison Brown, 22, recently, a close pal of the former lovebirds thinks that there is still hope for them.

Speaking to, Amazon Ashley revealed that Miley and Liam might still get back together. The longtime friend of the “Hannah Montana” star told the entertainment news publication that the ex-pair is “destined for each other.” Amazon even stated that Miley was "happiest" when she was with Liam.

“I’ve been with her through thick and thin, and you know people. Liam gives her a happy vibe I’ve never seen with anyone else,” Amazon said about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth on-off relationship. “She’s at her best with him, and vice versa. In my heart, I want to see them make it work. They take breaks from each other,” she went on.

Aside from Amazon Ashley, avid followers of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth remain positive that they will find each other again in the future, Cheat Sheet reported. However, based on recent sightings, it seems like the former lovers are already in better places. Miley is dating Cody while Liam was spotted hanging out with “Dynasty” actress Maddison Brown.

Sources told the entertainment news outlet that both Miley and Liam are not paying attention to their brand new romances. The “Butterfly Fly Away” singer is, allegedly, happy with Cody right now. This, according to an insider, is sort of a completely different thing for the Disney alum since “they are just having a lot of fun together” and “it’s nothing super serious.”

Meanwhile, National Enquirer published another controversial story claiming Liam Hemsworth is worried that Maddison Brown could be as wild as Miley Cyrus. The tabloid reported that the actor’s parents were “shocked” when they learned about Maddison’s statement about how she is willing to sleep with Liam and Chris Hemsworth “at the same time.”

Though it was clearly a joke, the publication made it appear that Maddison is interested in having a relationship with Liam Hemsworth and his brother at the same time. Neither Miley Cyrus’s ex-lover nor the “Dynasty” star has commented on these recent allegations as of yet. But, with National Enquirer’s history of publishing sensationalized news from phony sources, this could be just another rumor waiting to be debunked.