Miley Cyrus is no stranger to making people uncomfortable through her near nudity and her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel: Live!” Wednesday night was no different. During her sit-down, Cyrus, 22, sporting nipple pasties, opened up about her decision to forego clothing, as well as her upcoming hosting gig at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

As was reported by Us Weekly, while chatting with Kimmel, 47, who was noticeably flustered by Cyrus’ outfit choice, the “We Can’t Stop” singer revealed that wearing next to nothing has helped make her more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. She shared with the late night host that seeing other people squirm provides “a nice convo ice breaker."

Cyrus also discussed her plans for the MTV VMA’s, which airs Sunday, though she refrained from giving too much of the shock factor moments away. The former Disney star did, however, share with Kimmel that the network has given her almost total control over the show. She also assured the host she will be sporting nipple pasties during the awards ceremony, as she often does.

Garrett English, an executive producer for the award show, has since come forward to back Cyrus' statements, saying, "We're giving her pretty free reign." He told Entertainment Weekly there will be standards put in place and lines Cyrus cannot cross, but for the most part they've been careful not to "limit the range." English added that Cyrus has been a good sport, understanding that there are just some things that don't fly on cable television. 

"Miley has been fantastic," he said. "It was sort of a logical extension of conversation that we're happening. Both her camp and outs were immediately excited by it."

Although she was wearing next to nothing during a majority of the interview, Cyrus did suit up – literally – at one point during the show. Clad in business casual attire, a plain brown wig and dark lipstick the musician took to the streets for another hilarious installment of Kimmel’s “I Witness News.” During the segment Cyrus put on a fake Australian accent and asked unsuspecting strangers their opinions of her. Three of the six people interviewed shared their less-than-favorable views of Cyrus, bashing her style and music. One man even told “Janet” he preferred Taylor Swift – with whom Cyrus is said to be feuding. Despite her convincing costume and accent, one of the men Cyrus spoke to in disguise was able to quickly figure out her true identity.

While Kimmel appeared excited to hear that Cyrus will be this year’s VMA host, many have spoken out against MTV’s decision. The Parents Television Council has expressed concerns about the awards show, fearing that with her at the helm it will be “very sexually explicit.” The organization has asked that MTV either guarantee the show will be suitable for young viewers or rate the show TV-MA. The PTC has spoken out against Cyrus in years prior as well, calling her much talked about 2013 VMA performance with Robin Thicke better suited for a strip club than a cable awards show.

They better get used to seeing the controversial celebrity on cable shows, however. In addition to being selected to host the MTV VMA’s Cyrus has been chosen to kick start Season 41 of “Saturday Night Live.” She will host the infamous sketch comedy show Oct. 3. The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards airs Sunday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.