Miley Cyrus
Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus returns to TV in guest star role on Two and a Half Men. Twitter

Miley Cyrus heads back to the small screen, guest starring on CBS’s "Two and a Half Men."

The 19-year-old singer and actress known for staring in the Disney Channel sitcom "Hannah Montana" reprises her signature southern drawl playing the role of Missi.

“Everyone thinks it's short for Melissa, but it's actually short for Mississippi -- the river, not the state,” Cyrus says during the episode. She plays the chatty and energetic daughter of one of main character Walden Schmidt’s friends.

CBS has released several photos as well as a teaser trailer for the episode, suggestively titled “You Know What the Lollipop is for.” Several shots show Cyrus in skimpy summer clothes, getting close to Jake Harper, played by Angus Jones as well as in a negligée sitting in bed Walden played by Ashton Kutcher.

Little is known about the premise of the episode, but several sources say that Missi’s youthful presence causes Walden to question his own vitality.

While visiting Walden in Los Angeles for two days during her two-episode arch, the Daily Mail suggests that she and Jake will have a fling while he is on leave from the Army.

Fast talking Missi elicits lots of laughs as she details to Allen, played by John Cryer, the details of her conception and a time when a friend peed on her leg after she was stung by a jellyfish.

Cryer told reporters at this year’s Emmys that Miley surprised him after using the script all the way through dress rehearsals.

“Then, we did it in front of the audience, Miley brought it,” he said. “Miley was just on fire, did fantastic.”

Cyrus told Jay Leno on Friday that she had to “dig deep” and “do a lot of character building,” for this role.

Cryus’ stint on "Two and a Half Men" airs on Thursday Oct. 18 at 8:30 p.m. ET (7:30 p.m. central).