A survey revealed that discrimination is no longer confined to sex and race. It also includes and age. But what may come more surprising is that those who complain more about being discriminated against because of their age are not the older people, but millennials.

An NYPost report stated that millennials say that ageism plagues them at work. According to the survey that was the basis of NYPost’s report, more than half of American workers, 52%, who belong to the age bracket of 18 to 34, say that they have witnessed this age discrimination upon at work. The survey was conducted by Glassdoor, and the survey was called the 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Survey.

While millennials would clamor about being discriminated against because of their age, they could still not benefit from the US’ 1967 Age Discrimination in Employment. This is because the act was intended for employees who would be 40 years old and above. So even if millennials would complain about being discriminated against because of their age, the law does not protect them.

millennials cry over age discrimination
millennials cry over age discrimination 889520 - Pixabay

As per the company that conducted the survey, ageism is very broad. It encompasses any kind of prejudice against one just because of his or her age. In the survey, participants were asked if they have experienced ageism at work, and most of them assented, indicating that they have either witnessed it or have experienced it.

Younger workers tend to see and complain about it more, which Glassdoor explained is their increased awareness in today’s times. Glassdoor also explained that the division in society at present often finds its way into the workplace.

The survey company attributed this awareness to organizations, which make it possible to identify bouts of discrimination at the workplace. As per millennials, they have also observed two more areas of discrimination – gender and LGBTQ. There are only 30% of older workers who complain about gender discrimination, but there are 52% of millennials who complain about it. In terms of LGBTQ, there are only 18% of older people who complain about it, while there are 43% of millennials who do.

Millennials also wanted their companies to do something so that the diversity and inclusion in the organization would be better. However, only a few number of older people support the idea.