Stomach bloating is an uncomfortable sensation that is commonly felt by many people. Official figures reveal nearly 70% of people in the UK have experienced stomach bloating at one point in their lives. If you are among them, you can be thankful as there are options you can choose from to help reduce your stomach bloating.

Characteristics of Stomach Bloating

A person who experiences stomach bloating may feel some tightness in the stomach. He may also feel that his stomach is full and stretched from end to end. Oftentimes, this is caused by consuming food that causes the formation of excessive gas inside the tummy.

As a result, such a person’s stomach may look bigger than it actually is, and oftentimes, the condition can cause painful cramps or awkward flatulence. Many who experience this condition say they feel as if their stomach is about to burst.

activity to reduce stomach bloating
activity to reduce stomach bloating Tumisu - Pixabay

Causes of Bloating

There are many causes of bloating. According to the Mayo Clinic, among the most common reasons for stomach bloating are consuming gassy carbonated foods and drinks. In some cases, anxiety and stress can usher in the condition.

There are also instances when disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS and Coeliac disease may bring about bloating. Gabrielle Mancella, a registered dietician at Orlando Health, says that bloating may also be caused by consuming too much salt or an imbalance of electrolytes. It can also be due to hormones or that the person simply overate. Performing a particular activity, however, could minimize the bloated feeling and make a person feel lighter. What is this activity?

Minimize Stomach Bloating

Did you know that getting the right amount of sleep can help with stomach bloating? Tamara Freeman, a dietician, says that a lot of people find getting a restful sleep works like a reset button when it comes to the condition. Sleeping for eight hours or maybe more with nothing going inside your stomach allows the whittling down of intra-bowel contents, which then reduces bloating.

No doubt getting enough sleep is significant as this allows the body to rejuvenate itself. It is particularly helpful, however, for persons who are suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disorders like bloating. If you lose some sleep, your body may not be able to rejuvenate completely and can severely impact your digestive system. In the end, if you are not getting enough sleep, you will find that your bloated feeling will only get worse and may even impact your quality of sleep.

Avoiding Certain Foods and Drinks

You can also address the root cause of your bloating problem, which is the type of food and drink you consume. Minimize foods that contain too much fat. Try to also avoid gas-producing beverages like fizzy drinks, instant coffee, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and spicy foods.

Some medications can also cause stomach bloating. Try to talk to your doctor on how to go about these medications to minimize bloating.