• The incident took place in the southern Indian state of Telangana 
  • The children noticed their parents keeping the money in a cupboard 
  • They spent the amount on smartwatches and gaming parlors 

Two young boys in India stole a whopping sum of over $5,000 from their parents and spent all the cash buying their dream gadgets and enjoying themselves at gaming parlors and restaurants.

The juveniles, aged 8 and 9, hailing from the southern Indian state of Telangana spent all the money in a matter of just 20 days, News 18 reported.

The minor children, from the city of Hyderabad, noticed their parents keeping a sum of $5,159.84 (INR 4 lacs) in a cupboard and informed their friends, who influenced them to steal the money in small amounts and replace the stolen sum with fake notes so that their parents aren't able to notice the theft.

This reportedly went on for a month until the parents confronted the boys after noticing the changes in their lifestyle and behavior, Newsmeter reported. The children then told their parents that they were persuaded by two 14-year-old neighbors to steal the cash.

The two teenagers reportedly showed the boys their smartwatch, sports watch, spinners and headphones and told them they will give them away to the youngsters in exchange for money. The teen boys took a part of the amount from the younger boys and gave them the fake currency notes to replace the stolen ones, according to the outlet.

The minor boys didn't stop just there, they spent the remaining sum on gaming centers and restaurants. According to Newsmeter, the father of the children, Pabolu Shivashankar Gupta, kept the cash inside the almirah on April 23 and realized the theft on May 9.

The parents of the younger boys approached the cops and a case was registered against the teenagers under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for misleading the former into stealing the money.

The names of neither the boys who stole the cash nor the pair who influenced them were revealed. A special juvenile unit of the police will initiate procedures as per the Juvenile Justice Act in the case soon.

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