A police dispatcher in Los Angeles received a shocking call this week when a Massachusetts resident revealed plans to murder former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr. Officials said that 52-year-old Steven C. Swanson of East Sandwich willingly notified Calif. police regarding his plans to travel to Kerr’s home in Los Angeles next month and kill her.

According to a report from the Cape Code Times, Swanson admitted that he had plans to fly from Barnstable Municipal Airport, to Logan International Airport in Boston, and then travel to Los Angeles where he would “turn the place upside down.” The man also reportedly referred to the 30-year-old Australian-native as his “soul mate.”

Upon his admission, local police arrested Swanson early Thursday morning reportedly locating multiple photographs of Kerr throughout the suspect’s home. Despite telling authorities he planned to carry out the models execution using two .45-caliber guns, only a pellet gun was found and removed from the premises. Upon his arrest, Swanson reportedly told police that he was a federal agent and that he only wanted to “rescue” Kerr.

Swanson was charged with a felony of making a threat concerning a firearm and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. Doctors testified that the individual suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, confirming that he was unmedicated at the time of the evaluation. Swanson was released on an $8,000 cash band and is due back in court on July 19.

The model recently made headlines after suffering from a wardrobe malfunction in May during a Miami photoshoot for her makeup line, KORA organics. Kerr, who confirmed her decision to discontinue her modeling career with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret in April, called the exit a “natural evolution.”

Kerr currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Orlando Bloom and their 2-year-old son, Flynn.