It looks like splitting from Blake Shelton has been hard on Miranda Lambert. The 31-year-old singer and her husband of four years announced just over a week ago that they would be going their separate ways. Lambert opened up about her life after divorce during a concert in Nashville on Tuesday.

According to Us Weekly, the "Automatic" singer told audience members at her July 28 concert that she's been struggling as of late. Lambert said she's getting by with the help of "caffeine and sad songs." The site notes that the inflection in her voice while addressing concert-goers gave the impression that she was upset. Still, she went on with the show, playing some of her older songs, including 2011's "Dear Diamond," which had many wondering if she was trying to send a message about the nature of her split. 

"Well, I've been living off of caffeine and sad songs lately," she said. "So, we're gonna drink some caffeine and sing sad songs."

This is just one of only a few concerts Lambert has done since news of her divorce hit the Internet. Prior to the shocking announcement she canceled a show in Calgary, Canada, citing vocal cord inflammation as the cause. Despite her medical excuse, many believed that given the timing of her cancellation was directly linked to Shelton having filled divorce papers. The country songstress has promised to reschedule, though she has not yet announced when she plans to do that. 

Lambert and Shelton released a public statement confirming their split on July 20. In the statement they told fans, "It is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately." At the time of it's release the couple had already been officially divorced. Thanks to a prenuptial agreement signed prior to their wedding, the couple was able to easily divide up their assets and go their separate ways. The exact cause of their separation remains unclear. 

The former couple still plan to move forward with "We Fest," which they are co-headlining. Lambert and Shelton are scheduled to appear in concert during the popular festival on different days with Lambert taking the stage Aug. 7 and Shelton performing the following day. They appear to be cordial in the wake of their separation, interacting on Twitter.