Miss France Laury Thilleman has some nasty words for new Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Miss Angola.

During a telephone interview Thilleman had some malicious, arrogant and culturally bigoted comments for Lopes.

In an interview with a French magazine reported by Premiere.fr, Thilleman said the win surprised her. Miss France even spoke for all 87 other contestants and said they all were surprised by the result, according to The Washington Post.

Thilleman criticized Lopes' style, saying she hardly ever wore makeup and she often wore jeans, and that she was reserved and lacking in personality.

Thilleman also said the fact that the contest was held in Brazil played a role, since Angola is also a former Portuguese colony.

Thilleman finished in the top 10 in the competition when Miss Angola was crowned Miss Universe 2011.

Below is the Washington Post's translation of Miss France's quotes. Tell us what you think about her remarks against Miss Angola.

She was the only girl I didn't know very well. We didn't see her much; she was very discreet. She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win. Many girls made efforts that were not rewarded. I don't know, something is missing in her temperament. The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.