Asya Branch was crowned Miss USA on Monday, but now she's under fire on social media for her political standings and views. 

The 22-year-old was the first African-American to win the title of Miss Mississippi USA back in 2018. This is also the first time Miss Mississippi has become Miss USA. 

During her last statement for the Miss USA pageant, she spoke on her opinions and thoughts on gun laws and regulations, which could be seen as controversial. 

“As someone who grew up in a home with guns, I learned at an early age how to load, how to fire and gun safety,” she said. “And I think that education should be available to everyone. I believe that we should require people to pass training and safety courses before they are allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit."

She continued, “I think it's important that we not ban guns because, obviously, people will find a way to get they want anyway. But, I think it's our Second Amendment right and we just need more safety surrounding that."

After winning the title on Monday, people went straight to social media to judge her on her political views and what she supports. 

Branch performed the National Anthem at a Trump rally when President Donald Trump made his way to Mississippi in 2018. She posted an Instagram photo of herself at the event, according to The Daily Beast, though it appears to have since been deleted.

It said, “Incredible honor to sing the national anthem tonight in Southaven for the President Trump rally.” 

After the public heard her final statement and about her attendance at the Trump rally, Twitter users shared their thoughts, some being negative. 

Others were just excited that Miss Mississippi won and made history. 

Branch has yet to comment on the negative comments about her.  She will go on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. 

Asya Branch Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch is under fire on social media after being crowned Miss USA on Monday for her political views. Photo: