Lisa Irwin
Lisa Irwin was reportedly kidnapped from her home in Kansas City, Mo. REUTERS/Ho New

Eight weeks have gone since the one-year-old Kansas City girl, Lisa Irwin, has been missing. Command post has been closed and candles vigil for the safety of baby has also come to an end, but there is no trace of the toddler.

With the days passing, the case is also heading towards a dead end, and many people speculate that the case might hit the wall if the situation remains the same.

After the disappearance of the baby, there were thousands of leads in the case and the police interrogated many people. But, as time goes by, the leads have started drying up, and people in the sphere of suspicion also got cleared after they were questioned.

Retired police officers, private investigators, and even psychics have come forward with ideas to find the baby, but no information turned into a clue which could help in solving the case.

As the case is taking too long to be solved, here are three vital points which can help investigators find out the whereabouts of the toddler.

The well

After Saturday's search at the Old Sam Town's Casino, there is only one ray of hope in case, and that is the well found at the site. Though approximately 25 volunteers returned without finding anything, the police believe that an old well in the locality needs to be searched.

We are exploring the possibility of searching it soon. Numerous resources are needed to get it done, but no reason not to search it, Kansas City Police spokesman Steve Young was quoted as saying by

A Dallas-based psychic had vision that the girl was killed accidently in her house, and the vision supports Cadaver dogs' finding when they hit onto the scent of a dead body on the floor next to Deborah Bradley's bed.

The Interviews

The denial for interviews by Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, also raises suspicion in many minds - Why the parents are not cooperative with the investigators if they want their daughter's safe come back.

Bradley and Irwin restricted investigators from interviewing Lisa's step-brothers too, saying that the questioning would not be appropriate for the kids.

End of Prayer Vigil

The third and the most recent point is Bradley's request to end the candle vigils being held in front of her house. People say that being a mom, Bradley would have wanted the prayers for the safety of her kid.

Continuing to have them (vigils) here in the yard is just overwhelming for them, said Jeremy Irwin's father Rick Irwin.

But is it the step to keep the two kids in the house away from the current atmosphere or to stop the increase in the attention the case is getting day by day?

Investigators might find something in the well, but if they don't, they should come back to the starting point of the case (interrogating Lisa's parents) and they might hit the head of this case.

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