Nora Quoirin, a 15-year-old girl from London, disappeared from nature resort in Malaysia earlier in the month before her naked body was found in the woods. An autopsy done on the agency found the cause of death was intestinal bleeding believed to be brought about by starvation and stress.

Nora first got to the Dusun eco-resort, which is found in an orchard south of the capital for a two-week vacation with her family. She went missing the very next day.

Police chief Mohammad Mat Yusop claimed Nora died a few days before she was found. The cause of death was from internal bleeding in her intestine, which may have been caused by prolonged starvation or stress.

She also had a lot of bruising on her legs though there was no sign of violence related to kidnapping. There is no evidence of foul play for the moment, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Her body was discovered by a small team, only 1.6 miles from the resort. The authorities believe the teen, who had been suffering from learning and physical issues climbed from the window in the living room. They listed her as missing at the time, but the criminal element was not ruled out.

Malaysia Pixabay

The girl’s parents were quick to point out she was not the independent type that would wander off, and it was a probability she was taken. The search then involved almost 350 people and included sniffer dogs, not to mention thermal detectors and elite units. It took ten days to find the body, which was down a steep ravine.

The area was not very accessible, and the body had to be winched out by a helicopter before it was taken to the hospital for the autopsy. Her clothes are yet to be found. The attorney general, Tommy Thomas, who is overseeing the dispute, is going to decide in an inquest is going to be held. The authorities have revealed the family is free to bring the body back to the UK for burial.

During the ten-day search, the parents thanked the people who had helped them look her Nora. A fundraiser page was set up by her aunt and uncle managed to collect 100,000 pounds from well-wishers.

Nora was born with holoprosencephaly, a neurological problem that limited her speech and coordination making her vulnerable to social situations. A unique service was held on Tuesday at the south Belfast church where she was baptized in commemoration.