In the six months following the May 24 disappearance of Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos, the investigation has continued to focus on her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, and his one-time girlfriend, Michelle Troconis. At this time, the two have been charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution but have not been formally linked to anything pertaining to Jennifer's whereabouts.

Now, Carrie Luft, a family spokesperson and someone who was close to Jennifer, has released a statement regarding how her children are handling the situation.

"It has now been six months since Jennifer Farber Dulos was reported missing. That this milestone coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday challenges us to pause and give thanks, in spite of this tragedy," Luft said, as reported by NBC Connecticut.

Continuing, she said, "We give thanks that Jennifer's children are healthy and well. We give thanks that they share their mother's deep sense of empathy and curiosity about the world around them. And, as ever, we are deeply thankful to the New Canaan and Connecticut State Police for their ongoing efforts to solve this case and bring those responsible to justice."

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In addition to the aforementioned sentiments, the representative is also encouraging everyone to be considerate around the holidays. "In honor of Jennifer, we encourage acts of caring and generosity this holiday season, whether donations to a local food bank or shelter or other gesture of compassion. Hug your loved ones close and extend a hand to a stranger," she added.

As for Fotis, his gag order is in the process of being reconsidered. According to the Stamford Advocate, a senior prosecutor stated in a response on Nov. 22 that due to the media attention surrounding the criminal proceedings, a trial could result in an "extreme amount of prejudicial publicity."

Previously, Fotis's attorney, Norm Pattis, had requested that his client was unable to properly defend himself with such an order in place. In October, a formal appeal had been filed with the state Supreme Court that requested the previous ruling be overturned. Now, the case is heading to court on Dec. 12 where both Pattis and Senior Assistant State's Attorney Robert Scheinblum will argue their positions.

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