Legal troubles continue to abound surrounding Fotis Dulos. Following the May 24 disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, Fotis' estranged wife, police have continued to investigate any involvement he had in the New Canaan resident's disappearance. At this time, both he and his one-time girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, have been charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution.

Now, Fotis has also responded to a suit filed by Gloria Farber, Jennifer's mother.

According to the Stamford Advocate, he is contesting his mother-in-law's foreclosure on his Farmington residence. In the court documents, Farber's attorneys stated that she had put up $2.3 million so that both Jennifer and Fotis could live at the property.

In August, Farber opted to pay off the mortgage 10 months after Fotis had stopped making payments on the property. The deed was then transferred to a trust created specifically to deal with associated financial issues. Even though he had allegedly stopped paying the mortgage, Fotis had continued to live there with Troconis until she moved out in October. Reportedly, Fotis still lives at the residence and has an office there for his business, Fore Group.

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As for how Fotis' legal team is responding to the suit, attorney Michael Habib, who is serving as his legal representation, stated that Farber had not properly notified his client that the mortgage was being paid off. Habib is also seeking damages as he states the foreclosure does not consider the equity that Fotis owns regarding the property. Therefore, the counterclaim is asking that a judge rule on who owns the home.

Farber is also suing Fotis for $2.5 million, which her attorney said is the amount of unpaid business loans that he owes her family. She has additionally requested a "protective order" that would prevent Fotis and his civil attorney, William Murray, from accessing Farber family financial records.

Aside from the civil suit, Fotis also issued a message to his missing wife and her family outside of a courtroom on Dec. 4., even though he is currently under a gag order. "All I want to say is that I wish Jennifer and her family happy holidays and I just pray that they give my kids my love and my best wishes," he said, as reported by CBS New York.

As for Michelle Troconis, she appeared in court on Dec. 6 for a hearing regarding whether or not she would be allowed to pick her daughter up from a New York airport, according to the Daily Mail. The presiding judge granted that request. Her next court date is scheduled for Jan. 31.

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