Suspicion regarding Fotis Dulos' involvement in the May 24 disappearance of his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos continues to expand during the ongoing investigation. Fotis has faced several charges so far, including evidence tampering, but he is now requesting that a gag order be lifted in order to freely speak about what he says truly happened to the New Canaan mother of five.

As reported by NBC Connecticut, Fotis and his legal team are now giving some push back after a judge granted the state attorney's request for such an order to be put into place. Norm Pattis, Fotis' attorney, is now asking the Connecticut Supreme Court for permission to appeal the gag order, which would bypass the lower court judge's ruling.

The gag order that is currently in place is said to "prevent attorneys, law enforcement, and potential witnesses from discussing the criminal case publicly." In arguing for his client to be able to break his silence, Pattis stated that Fotis has not been able to criticize his accusers or defend himself, even though he has not been formally charged with a crime resulting in Jennifer's disappearance.

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As for Fotis' one-time girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, she faced additional questioning this week courtesy of attorney Richard Weinstein, who is representing Jennifer's mother Gloria Farber. On Wednesday, Troconis, 44, was questioned for roughly 45 minutes in a deposition regarding what she knows about Fore Group's business dealings. This was due to the fact that Troconis was once listed as an employee of the Fore Group and may have relevant information.

According to the Stamford Advocate, Weinstein stated in a motion seeking the deposition that they were not looking for information "in regard to the allegations set forth in the criminal case against her, or the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and potential harm to Jennifer Farber Dulos." Instead, they were looking to find out what she knows "concerning the outstanding claims against the defendants, her role at the Fore Group, her knowledge and involvement in regard to expenses paid for by the Fore Group or reimbursed to the defendant (Fotis) Dulos from the Fore Group."

Aside from the aforementioned events, Fotis has also faced legal trouble due to the fact that he reportedly had not been appropriately charging his court-ordered GPS monitoring device. Additionally, he has been ordered to disclose how he is paying his legal fees. At this time, he remains free on bond, but is expected back in court on Oct. 4.

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