On Wednesday morning, Fotis Dulos' one-time girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, arrived at court for her arraignment. The appearance surrounded a new tampering with evidence charge that Troconis now faces for her involvement in the May 24 disappearance of Jennifer Dulos.

According to the Stamford Advocate, search warrants related to the ongoing case will remain sealed until Oct. 16. However, this was not the initial time frame for the release of the documents. In June, State's Attorney Richard Colangelo requested that they only be sealed for 90 days, but the date was later pushed back an additional month.

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According to Norm Pattis, who is serving as Fotis' attorney, the details in the new arrest warrant have turned Troconis, 44, from an alibi witness on the side of his client into "a lying lover." This was partially due to the fact that on June 2, when Fotis' then-girlfriend was arrested for the first time, she "provided substantial amount of information which was self-contradictory and did not bear up under the scrutiny of the investigation."

Additionally, inside the Farmington home she shared with Fotis at the time, police discovered what they referred to as "alibi scripts." These notes, which were later discredited, were supposedly written by the couple in order to "help them remember" what they were doing on the day the New Canaan resident vanished.

As for Fotis, a Stamford Superior Court ordered that he appear on Monday in order to address an issue with his court-ordered GPS monitoring system. The probation department is said to have faced repeated problems with the monitor due to the fact that Fotis has not been properly charging the batteries, which is said to have raised some concern as it has reportedly happened four times in the past month.

At this time, both Fotis and Troconis are free on $500,000 bond, but continue to be tracked with the aforementioned GPS ankle devices. Aside from the apperance to discuss the GPS issue, his next court date is scheduled for Oct. 4.

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