As the search continues for missing Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos, suspicions around her estranged husband's involvement continue to grow. Last week, Fotis Dulos was arrested for a second time and faced additional charges of evidence tampering related to the May 24 disappearance of the mother of five. Attorney Richard Weinstein, acting as representation for her mother Gloria Farber, has now filed an additional motion and a memorandum, which states that she would like to see Fotis' "personal accounts and his company's books."

According to the Stamford Advocate, Weinstein stated that the decision to move forward in this way revolved around Fotis supplying contradictory information regarding his finances.

During an Aug. 20 deposition, Fotis claimed that his real estate company, Fore Group, did not make any revenue. This, in turn, prompted Farber's attorney to ask how he had been "paying for the two lawyers in the civil case, a lawyer in the domestic case, let alone the criminal lawyers and how is [he] paying to maintain his lifestyle?"

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On Monday, Fotis' own attorney, William Murray, responded to the motion by calling it "another attempt to harass" Fotis and his company. Additionally, Murray stated that Farber's claim that Fotis owed her and her late husband $2.5 million in past unpaid business loans was untrue." The motion (for the review) provides no basis as to why there should be any forensic inspection" of the Fore Group records, the attorney stated.

Murray also stated that Weinstein has not made a proper argument to the court as to why an investigation into Fore Group's finances has any connection to the ongoing case.

As for where the investigation stands now, both Fotis, 52, and his then-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, have pleaded not guilty to the latest evidence tampering charge. Troconis, 44, is set to be arraigned Wednesday in state Superior Court in Norwalk on the aforementioned charge, which surrounds the cleaning of the pickup truck that police believe was involved in Jennifer's disapperance. Both have also pleaded not guilty to the initial charges of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

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