Police in Iowa are asking for help in finding a father of 11 who has been missing since Sunday.

Jay Dee Wynkoop, 38, was reported missing after leaving his home in the early afternoon in Webster City, Iowa, to run errands. Surveillance video showed him pulling up to a truck stop, Doc's Stop, in Webster City but he was not seen entering the store or surrounding businesses.

His Chrysler 200 was left in the lot and he reportedly left his phone and wallet home.

“It’s like he just dropped off the face of the planet,” Wynkoop’s wife, Danielle, told the Des Moines Register. She explained that she tried to rationalize how he hadn’t come home as the day went on before reporting him missing around 11 p.m.

"When it came time for me to go to work and he hadn't come home, I was really starting to worry — especially since he didn't have his phone, This is not like him at all. He would never not show up," she said.

Danielle Wynkoop did point out that it was common for Jay Wynkoop to stop at the store to get a soda.

"We pinpointed the time that he entered the parking lot, but at no time could we see him get out of the vehicle; the vehicle didn’t leave," she said. "No cars visibly pulled up next to him where he could get in; there was a few instances where it was blocked by a semi or a camper, so the view of the camera couldn’t see his location."

Danielle Wynkoop told the Register that she and Jay Wynkoop have 11 children together between the ages of 5 and 19.

The area of the disappearance is considered rural and flat, while located near Highway 20. The nearby businesses include gas stations, an AmericInn, a Pizza Hut and a McDonald's.

Webster City has a population of roughly 8,000.

Jay Wynkoop is 5-foot-8 and weighs 230 pounds. A tattoo on his left shoulder reads "Scotti Kay."

Police have been searching for Wynkoop since Sunday but have not turned up any leads. Webster City Police and Hamilton County Crimestoppers are asking for anyone who has seen or has information about Wynkoop to come forward.

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