The missing Pilot who crashed in East Milton Sunday night has been identified but is missing again after checking into a hotel with fake name and run off to the woods.

Police said, Marcus Schrenker, 38 years old, from Indiana, appears to have intentionally abandoned the plane after putting it on auto pilot over the Birmingham, Alabama area and parachuting to the ground.

Investigators say there were no signs in the plane's wreckage of the emergency that was reported. At the crash site, no blood was present and the door to the plane was open.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, Schrenker walked up a police officer at a store in Childersburg and said that he had been in a canoeing accident.

The officer says Schrenker was wet from the knee down, but was not injured. Unaware of the plane crash in the Florida panhandle, the officer took Schrenker to a hotel in nearby Harpersville.

A massive manhunt is underway.