• Abeba Davis filed a lawsuit in Queens Supreme Court
  • She approached the hospital following a sexual assault
  • Her social worker later allegedly apologized for the situation

A 39-year-old model has claimed that she was thrown into a psychiatric ward, stripped naked, and drugged after she approached a hospital in the Queens neighborhood of New York City, for anti-anxiety medicines.

Abeba Davis, who filed a lawsuit in Queens Supreme Court last month, said she visited a social worker at Queens County Hospital Center in Jamaica on Jan. 8, 2021, to pick up anti-anxiety medication following a sexual assault, reported NY Daily News.

Davis said when her social worker stepped away for a moment, she was taken to the facility’s psych ward. Though she insisted she was sane, Davis was asked to take off her clothes before being fed pills.

"I’m begging. 'Please, I’m not crazy.' And they’re like, 'Yeah, yeah,' because the next person next to me is also saying they’re not crazy," Davis told the news outlet.

"No one hears me, I was just like nothing to them. I was just a naked Black girl sitting in the corner begging to get out saying, ‘I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy," she added.

Davis added that she was sexually assaulted about a week before the incident and filed charges with the NYPD. The accused reportedly pled guilty in November 2021.

Following the assault, the victim was assigned a social worker and was asked to meet her at the hospital. According to medical reports, Davis was there to restart her medicine. "She didn’t say anything about me getting a psychiatric evaluation," the woman added.

While Davis waited in the emergency room, her social worker went away for a minute, promising to be back. However, Davis was soon approached by a nurse who took her to a ward where a cop guarded a metal door. She was disrobed inside the room. Though she questioned them about it, Davis was told that she had to be processed into the psych ward. The model alleged that she was left half-naked with a sheet to cover her upper body.

Davis claimed she was surrounded by other patients and felt threatened. She was also told to take pills to calm down. It was 10 hours before Davis was finally taken out of the ward by her social worker. "(The social worker) even said they messed up by taking me in like that and she was sorry this happened to me," she added.

Another report said that a doctor at Queens County Hospital Center reportedly wrote in their note that the "patient has no mood or psychotic symptoms, denies suicidal/homicidal ideations." The doctor's note also added that the "patient has fair insight and judgment."

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