• Anthony Pavone of Staten Island was mauled by the adopted dog on May 12, 2019
  • He suffered multiple injuries and underwent surgery on his arm
  • Pavone claims that the Animal Care Center of NYC failed to properly "screen" the dog before keeping it for adoption

A New York City man who has been brutally mauled by an adopted dog has filed a lawsuit against a city's animal shelter for keeping the vicious animal up for adoption without screening, the NY Post said in an exclusive report.

Anthony Pavone of Staten Island, filed a lawsuit against the Animal Care Center of NYC after he was attacked by Jaxx, a 5-year-old boxer pitbull mix, on May 12, 2019, a day after his mother adopted the pet from the shelter's center on Staten Island.

In an unexpected attack, the 86-pound dog pounced on Pavone leaving the 24-year-old injured with a chunk of muscle on his right arm missing.

"I jumped back … I fell down the steps and that’s when he went for my neck. I put my hand up and he got my arm and the top of my head. That’s why I was bleeding all over my face. Then he started ripping into my right arm and playing tug of war with it," Pavone recollected.

Pavone's father eventually rescued him after he managed to pull Jaxx by the collar and put him on the patio. However, Pavone suffered multiple wounds on his head and both arms. He had to undergo surgery on his right arm but still has a piece of muscle missing.

Pavone thought Jaxx gelled with him well soon after his mother brought the pet home. He took him for a walk, fed him, and even slept with him on a couch. The ordeal has left Pavone traumatic and nervous around dogs.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit claimed that ACC failed to properly "screen" the dog before allowing it to be adopted.

"I think they should have done more research on the dog. There had to be something wrong with him. There was no reason for him to act like that. He was very vicious," Pavone, who is suing the shelter for unspecified damages said.

However, during the time of the incident, ACC spokesperson Katy Hanson said they did not find any red flags indicating violent behavior from the dog while at their center.

"Based on Jaxx’s previous owner’s surrender notes, along with his behavior at the care center, there were no red flags that would indicate the potential for aggression," Hanson said, as reported by SiLive.

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