‘Modern Family’
Will Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) are pictured in an episode of “Modern Family”? ABC

“Modern Family” Season 8 reached its record low un terms of ratings following Wednesday night’s episode.

According to TV Line, episode 19 dropped nine percent and two-tenths to record its second smallest number of viewership since its conception several years ago. The low ratings is terrible news for the cast whose contracts are expiring at the end of Season 8. As of late, ABC hasn’t announced whether or not they still have plans to pick up “Modern Family” for a ninth season.

In an interview with Adweek, “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet also weighed in on the cancellation rumors. The actor acknowledged the fact that so much has changed on television ever since “Modern Family” and “Big Bang Theory” were first introduced. But despite these changes, Stonestreet is confident that the ABC sitcom deserves at least one more season before they officially wrap up.

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“I think our show deserves that sort of monumental number, whether that’s nine or 10. I don’t think the show’s over yet. We’re finishing up Season 8, and we’ll see what happens. But I don’t think there’s any question that we all want to hit a nice, round number, hopefully of 10 years,” he said.

Meanwhile, the filming for “Modern Family” Season 8 officially wrapped up last month. According to Deadline, the finale episode will center on Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Luke’s (Nolan Gould) high school graduation. The episode is meant as a Season 8 finale for “Modern Family” and not a series finale. In fact, an alternate ending wasn’t filmed, seemingly because the cast, creators and execs of the sitcom are hopeful that Season 9 will be a go.

“Modern Family” Season 8 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.