In a shocking incident, a woman attempting to lift a 180-kg barbell at a gym died after it fell on her neck. Her daughter was near her when the accident occurred.

It happened at a fitness center in the Mexican city of Cuauhtemoc on Monday. The identity of the woman was not revealed, reported.

The horror incident was captured on the gym's CCTV camera. The footage, shared online by Mexican journalist Carlos Jiménez, showed a man, clad in black, adjusting weights on the barbell before the woman positioned underneath to lift it. Her daughter was standing nearby.

However, her attempt to lift it went horribly wrong and the bar suddenly collapsed on the woman's neck, pinning her down. Her daughter and the man rushed to her aid but they couldn't lift the barbell immediately.

Some other gymgoers joined them and they managed to free the woman. However, it was too late by then as they couldn't save her life.

Jiménez also tweeted that the man who adjusted the barbell was not the instructor but a former police officer and frequent gymgoer. He added that the gym manager was nowhere in sight when the incident happened.

Reports said the woman's daughter has been left traumatized by the incident and is believed to be receiving psychological support.

The state prosecutor's office launched an investigation into the shocking incident. The gym owner, who was not identified, was arrested in connection with the incident but was released later.

A similar incident happened in 2017 when a 15-year-old was crushed to death at a gym in Australia while trying to bench press about 100 kilograms. Ben Shaw was reportedly working out on the bench press and was attempting to lift more than his body weight when the incident happened. His body was found by the staff after some time with the bar across his upper neck and throat. It was unclear as to how the accident occurred.

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