A monkey at a zoo in China has left social media users astonished after it was caught shopping online. The incident took place on Wednesday at the Yancheng Wild Animal in Changzhou.

Zoo worker, Lv Mengmeng told Jiangsu TV that she had been browsing daily necessities on an e-commerce site on her phone when she noticed that the monkey was hungry. She left her phone to fetch some food and returned to find order confirmations for things she had previously put in her shopping cart. On checking the surveillance footage, she saw the monkey holding her phone and pressing the screen.

"The monkey has been brought up by me. We spend most of the time together," she said. "I like playing on my phone and he has seen me place orders on Taobao (Chinese e-commerce site)."

The woman did not cancel the orders placed by the monkey since she needed them anyway.

In August this year, a video of a monkey closing the tap after drinking water had gone viral. The smart gesture impressed social media users, hailing the animal’s move a lesson for water conservation.

The video which was originally posted on TikTok, became a hit after former Indian Chief Election Commissioner Dr. YS Qureshi shared it on Twitter. "What a beautiful message for humans!" he wrote.