A couple in South Africa was shocked to discover a massive crocodile swimming in their home's backyard pool.

Angel Breytenbach told news outlet UPI she and her husband, Jacob, saw the reptile Monday morning, and couldn't believe how it managed to enter the pool. A video, which was posted on Twitter and went viral, showed the large 10-foot-long crocodile in the swimming pool.

The video of the rescue showed the wildlife trappers, who were called to the scene to remove the reptile, using a lasso to take it out of the water. The men were seen in the video trying to hook the rope around the reptile's jaws.

Officials from the non-profit Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, who were called in to help retrieve the predator, said the crocodile may have reached the area from its habitat due to recent storms.

"Various animals have been displaced and shown up in strange places due to the heavy rains brought in by Cyclone Eloise," the foundation wrote on Facebook. "It is believed that this crocodile came from a nearby river."

The trappers said the crocodile was released in the wild.

Last month, an Australian man fought a crocodile after being attacked by the reptile. The 44-year-old man was swimming at Lake Placid, a popular tourist spot in Cairns, when the reptile bit him. The man pried the crocodile's jaws from his head to survive the attack.

"He felt this sudden impact clasped on the top of his head, which he recognized to be a crocodile," Queensland Ambulance Service paramedic Paul Sweeney said. "He put his hands into the jaws to prise them off his head and when he did so and let go the jaw snapped shut onto his left forefinger."

In a crocodile attack incident in India, a man was mauled to death by the reptile while he was herding cattle. The incident took place in the western state of Gujarat. People who live nearby told local media that the 50-year-old victim was standing alone near the river with his cattle when the crocodile leaped out of the water and dragged him inside.

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