Laser hair removal for men has become a popular trend today. It would seem that men also want to achieve a “clean” effect, which has worked so well with women. The only catch is, men, use it for their most intimate parts, and the number of men going for it is increasing.

According to NYPost, one laser hair removal specialist in Manhattan, Christian Karavolas, revealed that his male clients have increased. From the time he opened his services in 2002, men between 24 and 45 years old have flocked into his clinic.

Most of them opt for the service that removes hair from their private parts. Karavolas stated that these men now make up 40% of his total clients.

Why Men Opt for Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal for men private parts known as male brazilian, brozilian, mankini
laser hair removal for men private parts known as male brazilian, brozilian, mankini Pexels

Two of the primary reasons for patients who undergo this kind of hair removal are functionality or avoiding things of getting stuck down there and aesthetics. More popularly called as the “Brozilian,” "mankini," or the male Brazilian, men find it a process that contributes to their being well-groomed.

The male Brazilian includes removing hair from the base of the penis, testicles, and the shaft. It also includes removing hair from the buttocks.

As per Karavolas statement given to The Post, he said that the reason why they do the perianal area is that many guys have a lot of hair down there. He added that whenever they go to the restroom, things do get stuck there. By undergoing the male Brazilian, this issue is not something to worry about.

Another fan of male Brazilian, 34-year-old Salvatore Saccoccio, said that his reason is aesthetics. He considers the effect as part of being well-groomed. The same went for Boris of Brooklyn, who said that he opted for it to please his wife.

Some would undergo laser hair removal for other parts of their bodies. They would opt for hair removal on their back or chest.

Is Laser Hair Removal for Men Painful?

As per the patients who underwent the procedure, there’s a “hot pin” sensation. The most “painful” area is the testicles.

Despite the bit of pain and the whopping cost of approximately $350 per session, many men still opt for it. Whether they consider it worth it, the answer is a big yes.