Australians spend twice as much time working out their footy tips each week than they do planning their superannuation, a survey has found.

Respondents spent an average 22 minutes a week sweating on their football tips but only 10 minutes on their financial futures, Industry Super Funds spokesperson Garry Weaven says.

Winning the office tipping competition might provide $100 and bragging rights, but sorting out your super could mean thousands extra in retirement, Mr Weaven said.

The Newspoll market research findings showed only 84 per cent of the 753 adult respondents knew the name of their super fund.

Only a quarter seemed to know how much super they needed for retirement and only 30 per cent knew if their fund paid commissions, he said.

People still don't understand the importance of superannuation, or the difference sales commissions make to their total super payout.

Many workers could increase their total super payout if they were with an industry super fund, which do not pay commissions to financial advisers, he said.