• The shocking incident was reported in a hospital in the Western region of Ghana
  • The presumed dead body was brought in by four men in a white pickup vehicle
  • The morgue attendant reported seeing the men trying to beat the victim to death 

In a bizarre incident, a presumed dead body brought to a morgue was allegedly found breathing by the morgue assistant. The incident occurred at the Effiankwanta Regional Hospital in western Ghana, reported 3 News.

The employee alerted the men who brought the "body," but instead of rushing him to a hospital, they allegedly tried to beat him to death.

According to reports quoting morgue attendant Eric Yamoah, four "brawny men" brought the presumably dead person in a white Nissan pickup vehicle Thursday night.

"They told my other colleague to remove the 'dead body' from the vehicle to the morgue but I could see the person was breathing so I prevented him. The four men were still forcing us to take the body even though he was not dead," Yamoah reportedly told local radio station Connect FM.

"They argued with us for some time and after realizing we cannot help them, they drove off. As they were going, we could see them beating the young man. We are even scared they would kill him along the way,” he added.

Yamoah also reported that the victim was trying to resist the attack and was crying for help. "The man was not dead but they wanted to kill him, he was very strong and there was no sign that anything was even wrong with him. Such incident has never happened since I started this job,” he indicated.

Though an ambulance driver, John Kwamena Koomson was at the facility at the time of the incident but did not intervene as they "were scared for their lives." However, the alarmed attendant immediately contacted the local police.

A report added that Sekondi District Police Command had started an investigation into the incident and recorded statements from the morgue assistant and ambulance.

Another strange incident was reported recently in Lebanon wherein a man, who was declared dead, was found to be alive seconds before being buried. Reports said the "dead" man was laid in the coffin and his funeral service was underway when a group of mourners around him saw the coffin move. They immediately performed CPR on the man, following which he showed signs of life. An ambulance was called, and he was rushed to receive medical treatment at a hospital.

Representation. Pixabay