How often must you have wished to relax at home after a tiring day at work and gradually drift off to sleep? But of all the things you thought would soothe your mind, you might never have thought watching a movie was the answer. Well, think again.

A new eight-hour long movie "Baa Baa Land" with an ensemble cast made entirely of sheep, will help you doze off.

The movie consists entirely of slow-motion shots of sheep in a field, shot in Essex, England. Produced by the founders of a digital meditation app named "Calm," it can be a cure for insomniacs. 

The trailer of the movie starts by showing close and long shots of sheep in a green field and in the background, the narrator starts by saying: "In a world of constant stress and information overload of anxious days and restless nights comes the chance at last to pause, to breathe, to calm our racing minds."

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Viewers can stare at the sheep in the movie and also try counting them, but as the movie claims, nobody should get stressed if they are not able to count all the sheep, according to Calm

"Baa Baa Land has no car-chases, explosions or star names. All it has is sheep and fields," according to the website of the app.

The movie is financed with American money and made in the United Kingdom by British talent. The movie will premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s West End in September, but the exact date is yet to be announced. Whene the date is set though, on the same day, the movie will be premiered online for the global audience of Calm users.

"The movie is better than any sleeping pill and is the ultimate insomnia cure," said Alex Tew, Baa Baa Land’s executive producer and co-founder of Calm.

"Baa Baa Land" is also an example of Slow Cinema, a genre of art cinema film-making that emphasizes on long takes, and is often minimalist, observational, and with little or no narrative. It is also referred to as "contemplative cinema." There are several examples of this genre such as "Wendy And Lucy" (2008), "The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu" (2005), "Once Upon A Time In Anatolia" (2011), "Police, Adjective" (2009) and "Man Push Cart" (2005).

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Many believe counting sheep will make them fall asleep. However, many ask whether this activity actually makes anyone doze off.

Anecdotally, one theory behind this concept is that in earlier times, when sheep herders couldn't get to sleep at night because they were in constant fear that one sheep might get away from the herd, they would soothe themselves by counting the herd to make sure they were all safe, Huffington Post reported quoting Michael Decker, Ph.D., a sleep specialist and associate professor at Case Western School of Nursing.

However, this technique would not be apt for the modern-day mattress. While falling asleep, people need to occupy their mind with something relaxing and passive, rather than something active. "You have to keep track of those sheep. It takes a lot of work to count them all up," Decker said "What we don't want to do is activate those parts of the brain that are associated with processing information."