Christmas 2015
A suspended, life-size figure of Santa Claus' sleigh hangs near an office building on Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood, California, Dec. 21, 2011. This year, find out which gifts are too expensive for even Santa to afford. Getty

When it comes to the holiday season, everyone wants to buy the best gift for the loved ones in their lives, but we all know that it’s the thought that counts. However, if you just so happen to have Scrooge McDuck-levels of disposable income, you don’t have to think that hard about what to get the people in your life to still give them a good Christmas.

Sure it might be impractical and downright improbable that any reasonable person could afford things like a high-end sports car or private jet for their loved ones in 2015, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a lot of fun to see what people with opulent wealth can actually purchase this year. So to help make us all feel bad about our chosen career paths this holiday season, below is a rundown of some of the most expensive gifts you could purchase a loved one this year — if you won the lottery or struck oil or something.

A Diamond Dog Collar

Dogs are man’s best friend, and diamonds are a girl’s best friend — so this one is a bit of a no-brainer gift idea for the pooch lover in your life. According to DailyMail, the Amour Amour dog collar weighs in at 52 carats and is encrusted with 1,600 diamonds. Each one is handcrafted by the people at I Love Dogs Diamonds and is custom made to ensure it fits perfectly on your elegant pup’s neck. Dubbed by Forbes as the most expensive dog collar in the world, it will surely impress man and beast alike.

Price: $3.2 million

A Pair Of Solid-Gold High Heels

Let’s face it — the shoes can often be the most important part of a woman’s outfit. Allow the woman in your life to drop the mic on the “Whose shoes look better?” debate this year by getting her a pair of Christopher Michael Shellis’ heels. According to the designer’s website, the shoes are crafted from solid gold and are studded with more than 2,200 diamonds. With the stilettos being heralded as the most expensive shoe in the world, there’s simply no more high-end footwear to purchase the lady in your life this year.

Price: $230,000

A Flash Drive Encrusted With Diamonds

Inspired by “Alice In Wonderland,” some tech-savvy designer created mushroom-shaped USB flash drives that will set you back a pretty penny. No, not because they carry a massive amount of storage space — only 32GB, in fact — but because the outer shell is a work of art that’s encrusted in a lavish amount of precious stones. According to Yahoo News, you can purchase a version with pink sapphires, red rubies or green emeralds, each priced through the roof. Still, what better way to make sure that your precious files are kept safe than by storing them on something you’ll want to keep safe?

Price: $16,500 (pink), $24,400 (red) and $36,900 (green)

The Greatest Pool Table

While shoes and diamonds are great for the ladies, the high-end guy in your life may feel more at home with The Predator billiards table as the centerpiece of his man cave. While it isn’t exactly the most opulent-looking item on the list, it’s made of a combination of wood, metal and glass, providing the best possible game anyone could ask for. If that’s not enough, you can feel free to customize it with unique wood combinations, etched graphics in the glass and under-the-table lighting. With its uniquely stylized design, it’s sure to turn heads and be the envy of everyone else in town for only the price of a brand-new car.

Price: $38,575

A Literal Robot

For years science fiction has told us that one day we’ll all have robot servants that can fetch the remote from across the room, bring us a nice, cold beverage or answer the door just to totally freak out the mail carrier. Well, the future is here, but you’ve got to pay for it. For a couple hundred thousand dollars, you and your loved ones can be interacting with a brand-new robotic friend/servant this holiday season. According to the designers at Hammacher Schlemmer, the robot is controlled via a wireless remote that allows the user to remain stationary while the robot does all the dirty work. This is sure to impress (and definitely not creep out) the child in your life this holiday season.

Price: $345,000

A Card

After you’ve paid for all of these gifts, you’ll need to wrap them and maybe attach a card with a note to your loved ones. Fortunately, the people at Gilded Age Greetings have made it possible for that little afterthought to be crazy expensive as well. Specializing in high-end greeting cards for special occasions like Christmas, these handcrafted notes are finished with 23k gold as well as precious and semiprecious stones. It’s the perfect way to show the recipient of your gift this year that you won’t skimp on any aspect of their holiday experience.

Price: $300-$500