A 14-month-old boy was found dead with multiple bruises after police responded to a report of an infant crying from a motel room in Michigan. The child's parents were arrested Wednesday on charges of murder after the boy's father admitted to beating him, police said.

When the detectives responded to Motel 6 in Farmington Hills on Oct. 3, the couple identified as Isaias Aurelio Porras, 31, and Amanda Jajou, 30, initially denied leaving the baby there and said they had given the child away. The officers then discovered the toddler's body hidden under a pile of blankets in the motel room where the homeless couple lived, Detroit News reported.

An autopsy report revealed that the child had bruises from head to toe and injuries included a hematoma to the brain.

Porras confessed to beating his son and was charged with murder and second-degree child abuse. The mother admitted that she did nothing to stop the assault or report the incident even after witnessing the baby having convulsions, police said. She was charged with second-degree murder, child abuse and accessory.

"The Farmington Hills Police Department and our community are heartbroken over this tragic loss and my thoughts and prayers go out to the child’s family," Police Chief Jeff King said in a news release, as reported by Farmington Voice.

"Anyone who has a concern for the safety and well-being of neighbors, friends or family members are strongly urged to contact law enforcement," King added, reminding people to keep an eye out for the safety of others.

The couple who was described as homeless did not have any criminal history. Their last known addresses were in Colorado and California, police said.

During their court appearance, both Porras and Jajou stayed mute and were denied bond.

"Because of the nature and seriousness of the offense, I am denying bond," District Judge Marla Parker said. The accused are scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 20 for a probable cause hearing.

If convicted on the charges, Porras will be sentenced to life in prison while Jajou may face up to 10 years behind bars.

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