• A 13-year-old sufferer of cystic fibrosis is now in the Intensive Care with his condition worsening
  • The mother believes that only Trikafta, a wonder drug made by Vertex, could save his son
  • She is appealing to the drug giant to give the drug to him, but somehow her appeal has not yet been heard

The race to finding the cure for Tracey’s 13-year-old son Ayden is on, and despite the fact that they may have finally found the cure to end his ailment, it would seem that people aren’t hearing her. The drug giant Vertex produces the wonder pill Trikafta, and amidst the continuous appeal of the mother for the company to give her son the pill, she was met with deaf ears.

Worsening Condition

Ayden’s condition has been deteriorating, and according to Express’ report, the young boy already expressed to his mother that he was dying. As for Tracey, who has been appealing to Vertex for a lot of times, she cannot fathom how the company could bear to look at her son’s harrowing condition.

pills cystic fibrosis
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What made it all the more different for Ayden was that even though the wonder drug is not yet licensed in Europe, the drug company has already given the drug to 120 sufferers, and it was given for free. This was made possible under their scheme called “compassionate-use.”

The consultants of Ayden have already given ample warnings to the drug company that at this point, only Trikafta can duly interfere with the deterioration that is happening to the boy so as to allow him to get the bowel and liver transplants that he needed.

More Appeal

Even Express have made appeals to the drug giant to take a second look at the boy’s condition. Latest pictures would show how swollen the boy’s body already is. His condition is at its worse than he has been at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Glasgow.

Ayden’s case was not the only one concerning the drug giant and Trikafta. There was also another patient, 28-year-old Nicole Adams, whom Express helped to get Trikafta. Like Ayden, she was also in Intensive Care. However, after Trikafta, she was able to get out of the hospital several weeks after.

Even Ayden has made a heart-wrenching appeal to Vertex. He prayed that the company will give him the wonder drug so as to give him another shot at life.

“Please give me Trikafta and let me have the chance to live,” was Ayden’s appeal to Vertex. He added that he would “give anything to be able to kick a football around again” and to see his little brother and sister start school.