A Pennsylvania mother and student ambushed an 11-year-old girl during a fight and doused her with bleach, school officials said. The school staff said they had to intervene and break up the fight that erupted between parents and their children on the school grounds.

The attack on the middle school student took place at the Rowland Academy right after school let out Monday afternoon. The sixth-grade student’s mother was waiting to pick her up and drive them back home when another mother and daughter pulled up at the school, according to WGAL News Channel 8.

As the 11-year-old student was walking towards her parent’s car, the mother and daughter from the other vehicle jumped out with a container of Clorox bleach and dumped the contents all over the unsuspecting child, said Harrisburg School District Superintendent Eric Turman. He called the mother's actions “deplorable,” reported PennLive.

The victim’s mother quickly got out of her car and rushed to her daughter’s aid, leading to a scuffle breaking out between the parents and their children, Turman said, adding that the brawl had to be broken up by school security, and the Pennsylvania State Police were informed of the incident.

The student who was doused with bleach was treated by the school nurse and then taken to a hospital, the outlet reported.

The mother who attacked the student with bleach escaped from the scene and led police on a chase before eventually being arrested. No details were revealed on whether the woman is facing charges.

District Chief Operating Officer Chris Celmer revealed that the attacker’s daughter had not attended school on the day of the incident. Hence, officials believe that the mother and daughter arrived after school was dismissed with the sole intention of carrying out the disturbing attack.

Turman said the two students had a "dispute" before the incident took place.

Dauphin County Children and Youth Services are involved in the case, and officials said the accused mother is now forbidden from entering school property, according to Local 21 CBS News.

Both Celmer and Turman said this was the first time they are dealing with such an incident in their careers. “Our schools must be a safe place,” Turman said, adding that authorities will be including three school police officers to the team of staff by January. These officers help provide security and support within the schools.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay