A mother and her 9-month-old baby were found dead inside a vehicle that was partially submerged in a frozen pond in Piscataway, New Jersey. The bodies were discovered early Tuesday morning after a sanitation worker spotted the vehicle and called for help.

Emergency responders pulled the vehicle, a Nissan SUV, from the freezing water to find the deceased woman and infant inside, Crime Online reported.

The outlet cited multiple reports that stated the vehicle was floating in the water and that its roof was visible above the surface. The vehicle had its hood crushed and windows were broken, according to NBC4. The child was found strapped to the car seat and it wasn't immediately clear how the car ended up in the water or how long it had been there.

The mother was identified by the Middlesex County prosecutor's office as 30-year-old Tamaqua Robinson, of Edison, according to NBC 4. The exact cause of the deaths is pending autopsies.

"The police cars were here and so many cars. The whole street was blocked," a witness, Girish Modhwa, told CBS New York while recalling the aftermath of the incident. "They’re checking the cameras and stuff, and see if they find anything," Modhwa added. "So sad."

Authorities are investigating the deaths as accidental, Patch reported. Deputies are also trying to piece together the sequence of events that ended with the SUV plunging into the water. The mother and the child were taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where they were pronounced dead. The deceased woman's mother told ABC 7 that the case might have been a suicide.

Lilian Robinson told the outlet that Tamaqua was suffering from depression and the former advised her not to take the baby, identified as Noah, out to keep him safe. "I think my daughter was dealing with depression and she didn't want help," Lilian told the outlet.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call the Piscataway Police Department at (732) 562-1100 or the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at (732) 745-3330.

Representation. A car crash. Pixabay