According to a new study, the self-esteem of super moms is damaged when fathers diligently help out in household chores. Mothers just feel that they are caught between traditional child-caring roles and work.

Live Science has reported that the University of Austin Texas has interviewed 78 dual-earner couples with eight-month old babies, measuring them on two types of self-esteem: self-competence and self-liking.

The study found out that among mother's, their self-competence rating is down whenever their partners, the fathers, are competent caregivers and are spending more time alone with their children.

In the culture and society of America, women are expected to take a main role in parenting despite their work commitments and existing egalitarian sex roles. said Takayuki Sasaki, a study researcher.

Employed mothers suffer from self-esteem losses when their husbands are involved because these mothers think that they have failed cultural expectations.

Husbands do not suffer from these losses even when wives involve themselves in house routines because this is a cultural expectation.

Many wives may say that care giving of their husbands is helpful but, at the same time, wives give them a negative feedback because their husbands' care-giving style is far different from their own. said Sasaki.