• Samsung's Galaxy Note is the best stylus-equipped handset to date
  • Motorola aims to challenge Samsung by creating a stylus-equipped smartphone
  • Not much is known about the device, except what is shown in a leaked render

Everybody knows that when it comes to smartphones with styluses, Samsung's Galaxy Note is the one that's taking the lead. The Korean tech giant has been working to improve its S Pen and enhance its functionality and usefulness over the years, which makes it easy to understand why the Galaxy Note series of devices are capable of offering something that regular handsets do not.

But while the world looks on as Samsung works toward releasing a new clamshell smartphone designed to compete with the upcoming Motorola Razr reboot, it's also worth noting that Motorola is challenging Samsung on its own turf – by creating a smartphone with a stylus.

According to a leaked image courtesy of noted leaker Evan Blass (via Engadget), the Lenovo-owned company is working on a “stylus-equipped Motorola” handset.

The leaker didn't reveal any device name, but simply said “it's irresponsible to report that this [device] is the Motorola Edge+.” He noted that this device is the first Motorola with a stylus since over a decade ago when Windows Mobile was a thing.

Blass didn't reveal anything more about the device. The image, however, reveals a few interesting details that interested fans will notice.

  • First, the device has a wide display with thin bezels at the top, left and right sides. And while it's thicker than the other bezels, the chin still looks thinner than those in other devices. There's an opening for a speaker at the top of the device.
  • Second, the unnamed device has a small rounded punch hole at the top left corner of the screen. The punch hole looks like it will only provide room for just one camera. Nothing is known about the camera sensor at the moment.
  • Third, the stylus-equipped handset has the volume rocker and power button at the right-hand side, which will make it easy to use.
  • Fourth and most interesting is the two-toned stylus. This accessory has two buttons near its top end, and a rounded tip. This stylus will likely rest inside a slot located at the bottom left side of the device (indicated by a slight indent in the picture).

Not much is known about this device at the moment. Its name, specs, pricing and release date remains a mystery for now. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 Kārlis Dambrāns(CC BY 2.0)