Christian Slater’s character in USA Network's “Mr. Robot” may not really be a good person, the actor revealed in a recent interview. Meanwhile, another report explains the hacks and other technical elements that were seen in the episodes that have aired so far. [Spoiler alert]

Slater’s mysterious character on the show, identified only as “Mr. Robot,” has a plan to redistribute global wealth by bringing down one of the biggest global conglomerates. Speaking to TheHollywoodReporter, the actor said that his character is “unpredictable” as well as “questionable.” “You don't know exactly which direction he is going to go. ...Is he good? Is he bad?” the actor said.

The plan that was being worked on by the anonymous group F Society would have led to the deaths of many people. It was Elliot [Rami Malek] who came up with a better plan of using a hack rather than a bomb to get to the files of Evil Corp. But, the character is battling his own demons such as his drug problem. Malek said that after Elliot found out that Evil Corp was responsible for his father’s death years ago, he was “incredibly vulnerable.”

The revelation about his father made Elliot go through with his plan to help the hackers. Slater said that Elliot joining the group helped bring about a “balance” to the group. More details about Slater’s character will be revealed in future episodes of the first season, the actor revealed.

When asked about the reactions for the show, Malek said that people were “taken aback” about how “unique” and “timely” the TV show is, because of all the “terrible things that are happening in the world.” Slater pointed out that the Sony hacks had happened a few weeks after they made the pilot episode and added that people need to be made more aware about the dangers of hacking.

The TV series has won some praise for accurately depicting how hacks take place. A report by Forbes explains some of the hacking terminology that has been seen on the show so far. Cyber crime expert Michael Bazzell is said to have helped in explaining the hacks.

The main characters are expected to hack into the Steel Mountain’s climate control using a “Raspberry Pi” in the next episode of “Mr. Robot.” Bazzell explained this to be an “extremely small computer” that also has “networking facility.” So, if this device is installed in the climate control system, Elliot will be able to increase the temperature at the facility and make all their files unreadable.