The machine is billed as the world's first hybrid storage notebook and uses both a SSD and an internal HDD which MSI was planning to show off this coming week at CES.

The SSD is used for the operating system and other files for fast booting and data access while the HDD is used for storage of documents and other files. The storage comes in two configurations: an 8GB SSD coupled with a 120GB 2.5 in HDD, or a 16GB SSD and a 160GB HDD. The netbook also features an Eco mode, which shuts down the hard disk in favor of the SSD to preserve battery life.

MSI doesn't get specific, but promises super long battery life thanks to the ECO mode that extends runtime, this gives the netbook a battery life of up to 12 hours, although that's rather mischievously based on a six-cell battery rather than the standard three-cell unit.

MSI will announce full pricing details at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.