When viewers tuned in to “My 600-LB Life” Season 10, episode 9 on Wednesday night, they met Lucas Higdon, who was 619 pounds when he weighed himself for the first time in years.

Throughout the episode, Lucas was on a mission to better his life with the help of Dr. Nowzaradan, who is often called Dr. Now on the series.

According to some Facebook updates shared by Lucas, the subject of the TLC series appears to still be working toward his weight loss goals.

At the beginning of the episode, 33-year-old Lucas revealed he lost his job as a pizza delivery driver because his weight began to interfere with his performance.

Lucas admittted he grew an attachment to food due to several family issues. As a child, Lucas revealed he struggled emotionally due to his parents’ unstable relationship.

Along with their constant divorcing and remarrying, Lucas also turned to food when his twin sisters, from a different man, were born and began receiving love and attention from Lucas’ biological father.

As an adult, Lucas’ weight forced him to move into a shed on his family’s compound, where his parents built him an outdoor shower. However, he eventually outgrew the shower and had to travel to his sister’s home on the property whenever he wanted to get clean.

After meeting with Dr. Now, Lucas experienced a few obstacles while trying to follow the low-carb, high-protein diet to receive gastric bypass surgery. After four weeks, Lucas managed to lose 29 pounds, which was one pound away from the goal set by Dr. Now.

Lucas was then tasked with losing 60 pounds in two months but fell short again by shedding 51 pounds. Despite the discrepancies, Dr. Now acknowledged Lucas’ dedication and approved his weight loss surgery.

At the end of the “My 600-LB Life” episode, Lucas revealed he lost 218 pounds and managed to get a new job fixing computers. Along with regaining his mobility, Lucas was also able to drive again and insisted he was committed to his weight loss journey.

After his episode aired, Lucas took to Facebook to share an update about his progress. “My weight loss journey has been a wild ride and honestly I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help and support of my friends and family. The journey is still going and still have a ways to go,” he wrote.

On Thursday, he shared another post revealing he remained motivated and won’t give up on his weight loss journey. The most recent photo of Lucas was posted on Oct. 29 and featured a selfie of the TLC subject whose face appeared to be slimmer compared to his appearance in the episode.

“My 600-LB Life” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.