My 600-LB Life
Dr. Now is pictured consulting with a subject on “My 600-LB Life” Season 7. TLC

When viewers tune into “My 600-LB Life” Season 7, episode 4 they will meet Justin McSwain. A morbidly obese 27-year-old who suffers from agoraphobia and is desperate to take back control of his life by joining Dr. Now’s weight loss program.

From the looks of recent Facebook updates, it appears Justin has remained committed to his weight loss journey and is continuing to shed the pounds until he reaches a healthier weight.

Justin developed poor eating habits as a young adult after his stepmother locked away food in the home and scolded him for eating so much. When Justin finally attended college, he was free to eat whatever his heart desired and gained around 400 pounds in four years.

After seeking help for his dangerous weight, it appears the South Carolina native is living in Houston, Texas and most likely still working with Dr. Now to lose weight. On Jan 6, a photo posted to Justin’s Facebook page featured the “My 600-LB Life” Season 7 subject looking noticeably slimmer.

While Justin didn’t look particularly thrilled in the photo, an individual in the comment section encouraged him to smile. “Try not to look so depressed. You’re killing it brother,” the Facebook user wrote.

A few days later on Jan. 11, Justin added a silly profile video which featured the subject appearing to be in a much better mood.

Although it seems Justin is on the right track, viewers will have to wait and see how the subject worked past his issues and made progress in his weight loss journey.

“My 600-LB Life” Season 7, episode 4 airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.