When viewers tuned into “My 600-LB Life” Season 8 on Wednesday night, they met 39-year-old Lindsey Witt. At the beginning of her episode, she weighed over 600 pounds and was desperate to get help from Dr.Nowzaradan.

Although Lindsey initially struggled to follow the low-calorie diet Dr. Now gave her, she was able to meet his standards after she put some distance between herself and her enabler.

After Lindsey learned her husband could be derailing her weight loss journey, she moved to Houston full time, where she was able to focus on her overall goal. Once she was in Houston, Lindsey took the necessary steps to meet the requirements of Dr. Now’s weight loss program.

By the end of her “My 600-LB Life” episode, Lindsey is approved to receive the gastric sleeve surgery and managed to get her weight down to the 300s.

According to a Facebook update, it appears Lindsey has remained dedicated to reaching a healthy weight.

Since the episode has been filmed, Lindsey started a Facebook group called, the “Second Chance Success - The Real Lindsey Witte.” Although the group is private, Lindsey has a public Instagram page where she has shared photos of her progress.

In one photo, Lindsey appears to be sporting a slimmer frame and enjoying the sites around Houston with her best friend. Fans can follow Lindsey’s progress by joining her Facebook group, or checking TLC to see if they have shared any updates about the subject.

“My 600-LB Life” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

My 600-LB Life
Lindsey shared her weight loss journey on “My 600-LB Life” Season 8. TLC