• Best Jeanist and Hawks overhear Shoto’s resolve
  • Shoto and Endeavor to fight against Dabi
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 303 is releasing Sunday

After the heart-wrenching origin story of the Todoroki family, it is time to look at the future. Shoto, who is still recovering from his injuries, rises to fight again in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 303.

The previous chapter's final scene shows Shoto telling Endeavor to wipe off his tears and prepare to fight Toya or Dabi.

Meanwhile, Best Jeanist and Hawks, who are outside Endeavor’s room, overheard their conversation and pleased by their resolve to continue fighting against the villains.

The previous installment, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 302, which is titled "The Wrong Way To Put Out A Fire, Part 2," continues to showcase the broken Todoroki family.

After young Toya’s sudden attack on Shoto, Enji decides to keep Shoto away from the other children. He adds he is too busy with work to look after Shoto all time, so he has hired help.

However, Rei wants him to focus on Toya. She explains Toya wants him to look at his progress and notice his growth.

Enji feels he can only show the world of heroes and nothing else. Rei questions her husband if he is running away from problems.

Five years later, Natsuo and Fuyumi ask Toya if he wants to play. Meanwhile, Shoto, who is looking at his siblings having a good time, asks Enji if he can join them.

Enji ignores his requests and tells him his siblings belong to a different world. Moreover, it is time for Shoto to train his output capacity.

Later, when Toya shares his pain and the Shoto-attack incident with Natsuo, the latter asks him to share his sob story with Fuyumi. Toya loses it when he sees Natsuo telling him to buzz off.

In the chapter, Toya continues to train secretly, and witness his fire change from red to blue. He learns his firepower is linked to his feeling so when he is worked up, he can whip out a big fire.

His heart breaks when he invites Enji to Sekoto Peak to show his powers, but his father decides to skip it. Later in the present timeline, the Todoroki family remembers their past and reflects on their mistakes.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 303 is scheduled to release Sunday. The digital copy of the chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus.

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