• U.A. gets a state-of-the-art barrier
  • Deku is still outside U.A. due to civilians’ protest
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 323 is releasing Sunday

Deku’s arrival at U.A. was welcomed by a strong protest by the civilians who think his presence will invite Shigaraki and the other villains. The latest leaks and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 323 indicate the heroes are trying to placate the civilians.

Twitter user Rukasu shared the complete summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 323. The chapter starts with a flashback sequence where the students are at the principal’s office, just before they head out to get Deku.

Iida recalls how the principal talked about the greatness of the U.A. barrier, but the others believe bringing back Deku would be enough to help them calm the civilians down.

However, Nezu disagrees as he thinks Deku is their trump card, and keeping him without security will pose a risk to everyone.

He starts talking about the U.A. barrier and draws a comparison to Tartarus’ security. He remembers how Shigaraki and the villains invaded Tartarus and then he started working on improving U.A.’s security system.

The new U.A. barrier is more than a barrier as it allows the entire establishment to move like a robot.

Nezu explains the underground area of the U.A. is covered with 3,000 layers of solid metal plates.

In the case of any abnormality in any of the plates, the system gets activated. Also, the metal plates help in holding back any attacks.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 323 also showcases the civilians refusing to allow Deku to enter the facility. No. 13 reveals some civilians were convinced after the principal’s speech, but many are still protesting against sheltering Deku in U.A.

Best Jeanist interrupts Present Mic and starts addressing the civilians. He tells them they tried luring the villains using Deku but it did not work. He notes Deku is Shigaraki’s ultimate target, but he is also the heroes’ greatest strength.

He is aware it is not the best solution. However, this is the best one they can come up with at this point and the civilians should agree to let Deku enter U.A.

The civilians are furious and tell them they failed as heroes, and now they are forcing them to take this great risk.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 323, Uraraka takes the center stage and begins to talk patiently about how Deku is important for everyone.

Fans can read "My Hero Academia" Chapter 323 online on Manga Plus and Viz. The digital version of the chapter is releasing Sunday while the print version is coming out Monday.

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