A six-year-old girl is suffering from a rare liver disease that causes her skin to itch all the time.

Clara Peterson from Washington is suffering from a mysterious liver disease. Though the doctors knew there was something wrong with her liver, they were unable to diagnose it. The girl scratched her skin all the time which left her with scars all over the body, right from her ankle to her nose.

"She has extreme itching because the impurities that are supposed to be put out by her liver and her gall bladder go right back into her blood stream," Clara's mom, Natalie Peterson, told KXLY.

"She wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. She scratches her ears, her face," she added.

Clara was taking medication to ease the symptoms for the last few years, however, it wasn't working the way it used to be before. The doctor too failed to find out what was wrong.

Recently, her parents decided to look for other ways to keep the girl calm. They came across a local company that sells therapy dogs. Chester, a goldendoodle, visited Clara a few days ago. The company, Dogology Northwest, said Chester was trained to help people.

"He was trained from eight weeks old to work with that and so his commands and everything about him is to focus on one person and to focus on their disability and help them cope with it," Dogology Northwest director Mary Davies said.

Chester stayed with them for two days and her mother saw the changes in her child.

"It's night and day. She's a completely different child,” Natalie said.

The family was planning to buy Chester for which they started a GoFundMe campaign. "He is $15,000. That's two of my cars put together," Natalie said.

"It's hard to ask for money to buy a dog. It seems so simplistic, but it's really kind of a miracle because she's been sleeping and she's been calm," she added.

Chester “is able to put deep pressure on her legs, arms or belly depending on how frantic she is, and it helps her to calm down enough to sleep and concentrate on things like school work,” the family said on the campaign page, adding, “We would appreciate your help in getting my girl the help she needs, because without sleep, her life can be very traumatic.”