The news that Nancy Grace will be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars for Season 13 has sent social networkers a-twitter, with several predicting that Grace will be the first to fall.

The outspoken HLN host herself certainly isn't overconfident in her abilities to cut a rug for the judges. ''I'm very concerned about what my feet are gonna do. I wear cowboy boots and flat shoes. Always, Grace said on Good Morning America.

My main goal is not to fall. They didn't teach dancing in law school, honey.''

Nancy Grace and her titular talk show enjoyed unprecedented ratings this year by way of her relentless coverage of Casey Anthony trial -- Grace had been following the story closely for years, and did not make any effort to conceal her opinion of Anthony and her alleged guilt.

In what now sounds like a vaguely prophetic message, Grace said The devil is dancing tonight when Anthony was acquitted.

Nancy has already become a skilled verbal dancer, Dan Abrams, news analyst and frequent Grace debate opponent, told If her style remains consistent, I wish her partner the best of luck, and pity those who have to judge her!

Grace will not have to travel far for rehearsals and the televised competition -- she will be in Los Angeles this fall to cover the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, ABCNews reports.

The response to the news of Nancy Grace's addition to the DWTS cast is rivaled only by the announcement of DWTS's first openly transgender cast member -- Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono, the former daughter, and now son, of Cher and the late Sonny Bono.

With both gay and transgender contestants represented on this upcoming season, ABC will send viewers a strong message about the diversity within the LGBT community, said Herndon Graddick, senior of director of programs for GLAAD, in a statement. At a time when transgender representation in the media is sorely lacking, Chaz Bono joining the cast is a tremendous step forward for the public to recognize that transgender people are another wonderful part of the fabric of American culture. Appearing on such a high-profile show will allow millions of Americans to get to know him in a whole new light.

Dancing With the Stars premieres Sept. 19 on ABC.