Nancy Grace has added two more words to the denial of her much talked about wardrobe malfunction: breast petals.

Hours after Elisabetta Canalis and her partner were sent home from this season's Dancing with the Stars, Grace took to Twitter to address her nip slip incident.

Evidence re my alleged 'wardrobe malfunction which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra, Grace wrote, attaching a photo of said petals.

The petals, also known as pasties and nipple covers and usually made from silicon or nylon tricot material, are used to provide a smoother look, in addition to or in place of a regular bra.

Despite the use of her breast petals, Grace, 51, apparently showed a little too much skin during her jive performance with partner Tristan MacManus on Monday. Still, the television host and journalist stands by her claim.

I was not flashing anybody . . . I think that when I did that backwards thing, there was a seismic shift, but I do not think there was a wardrobe malfunction, Grace told Access Hollywood.

Believe me, that is not what I want my twins to read on the Internet in two or three years when they can final read . . . when I left the floor, I still didn't [understand], because everybody always makes jokes about my cleavage. I didn't get it, she added.

On Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart shared his thoughts on Grace's alleged wardrobe malfunction.

I feel there's nothing on 'Dancing with the Stars' that can faze my children. And then last night, I turn it on. And they see this . . . Why is the angry lady from 'Court TV' trying to breast feed my children? he said.

After weeks of freaking out because of what Chaz Bono did to his chest, suddenly it's Nancy Grace who's rubbing her nipples all over America's children, Stewart added.

But perhaps the best comment from Stewart was when he summed up the show.

This season is the most controversial season of 'Dancing with the Stars' they've ever done. You know what would be a great idea for that show? A celebrity version, said Stewart.

The next episode of Dancing with the Stars, complete with Grace and her breast petals, airs on Monday on ABC.

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