Michael (Billy Crudup) and Jean Holloway’s (Naomi Watts) story will no longer continue in “Gypsy” Season 2. Netflix

“Gypsy” has been officially canceled by Netflix after only one season.

According to Deadline, Netflix was previously in talks with the producers of “Gypsy” about a possible second season, and the writers have been conceptualizing possible storylines for the past four weeks. Unfortunately, the streaming side has decided to not move forward with the Naomi Watts-starrer.

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“Gypsy” centered on the life of a therapist named Jean Holloway (Watts), who seemed to have everything figured out. But Jean has been keeping a huge secret from her peers. Not only does she get easily attached to the people that her patients mention during their sessions; she also pretends to be someone else. Jean, who is married to Michael Holloway (Billy Crudup), and the mom of Dolly (Maren Heary), develops feelings for her patient’s ex-girlfriend, Sidney (Sophie Cookson).

Last month, “Gypsy” creator Lisa Rubin told Entertainment Weekly that they already have some ideas for Season 2. “The last few episodes of Season 1 are more intense because our commitment was to it being a slow burn. Those first five episodes are about immersing yourself in Jean’s world… I’m surprised at how many people are with Jean despite what she’s doing, which is part of what I wanted… it sets us up for a Season 2. We’re fully in. A lot is happening. Obviously, there’s a lot more escalation. In those ways, it will potentially answer critics,” she said.

But Rubin also acknowledged the possibility that “Gypsy” wouldn’t return for a second season next year. If this would be the case, the creator said at that time that Jean’s story was meant to end with a cliffhanger.

“It was intentionally a huge cliffhanger. It worked for some, and it won’t work for others. Jean is a mystery, and a lot of those questions about her past will be answered in a second season. We’ll start to understand her foundation and her motivations,” she said.

Unfortunately, “Gypsy” was not picked up by Netflix. But the streaming site just renewed “Glow” for a second season earlier this week.

“Gypsy” Season 1 premiered on Netflix on June 30.