A UFO expert has accused NASA of covering up a massive alien vessel that appeared in one of its photos. According to the expert, the alleged alien ship appeared behind Saturn’s moon Dione.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily made the accusation after spotting the photo on one of NASA’s website. The site, dubbed as Astronomy Picture of the Day, featured a photo that NASA’s space probe Cassini took of Saturn’s moons.

The photo mainly features the two moons Titan and Dione. The former, which is known as one of the largest moons in the Solar System appears in the background.

Upon inspecting the photo, Waring discovered that there are brush marks behind Dione, which were then hidden after the image was edited. According to Waring, the brush marks indicated that NASA was trying to hide something behind Dione by heavily editing the photo.

Based on the shape of the brush marks, the alleged object behind Dione is almost as big as the moon. It also seemed to radiate bright colors before the image of the object was edited out of the photo.

Waring noted that the shape of the mysterious object reminded him of the Death Star from the “Star Wars” media franchise. He said that the edited photo proves that NASA was trying to hide the existence of a massive alien vessel behind Saturn’s moon.

“Clearly attached and behind one of the moons is seen a giant craft the size of a death star from Star Wars,” he wrote on a blog post. “This is also what some say the dark side of Earth's moon might look like.”

Waring also suggested that the dark side of Earth’s Moon could also be hiding a mysterious object just like Dione.

“Did you ever wonder why Earth's moon never rotates to allow us to see the other side, but instead one side remains in the dark,” he stated.

As indicated on NASA’s website, the color composite of the photo was done by planetary geologist Emily Lakdawalla. According to Waring, Lakdawalla joined a forum after the photo was shared. He said that the planetary geologist edited the original photo due to how the Cassini probe takes images.

Titan and Dione
Saturn's moons Titan and Dione captured by NASA's Cassini probe. NASA/JPL/SSI